Free Agent Specialist’s Combine

Free Agent Specialist's Combine 

NOTE: PER NFL RULE! This Free Agent Combine Is NOT For Graduating College Seniors. Check out Coach Zauner's College Senior Combine.

This Arizona Football Kicking Combine is specifically designed for Free Agent Kicking, Punting and Snapping Specialists who are seeking to gain exposure to NFL and CFL Football Teams.  Specialists must qualify to participate for this Combine.  Specialists have the option to qualify the day before the combine on Sunday March 12, 2017 or at any Coach Zauner PRO Development Camp in January, May or July or during a ONE on ONE Lesson or Evaluation by appointment. 

Free Agent Combine - March 13 & 14, 2017 in Gilbert, Arizona at Campo Verde High School

Evaluations To Qualify For Specialists NOT Seen By Coach Zauner Will Be Held on Sunday March 12, 2017



It was Joe Marciano (long time Special Teams Coordinator) who asked me at the 2008 NFL Combine Special Teams Coaches dinner, to build my Field of Dreams; a Free Agent Football Kicking Combine which assembled elite kicking talent for the National Football League (NFL) and Canadian Football League (CFL) Coaches, Pro Scouts and Personnel Directors to evaluate.

On April 6, 2009 that dream came true when 32 NFL and CFL teams, coaches and scouts came to Phoenix, AZ to watch 41 kicking specialists showcase their talent. 

Since 2009 I have been hosting Coach Zauner's Free Agent Specialist's Football Kicking Combine in Phoenix, Arizona which has become 'A Specialist's Path To PRO Football.'

 Coach Zauner's 

9th Annual 2017 Free Agent Specialist's Comine

Monday & Tuesday:  March 13 & 14, 2017 

‘A Specialist's Path To PRO Football’®
Sunday March 12, 2017
Qualifying Evaluations: Snappers: 8:30 AM / Punters 9:30 AM  / Kickers 11:30 AM
(Hyatt Hotel Offer (5) Mile Radius Shuttle - Reservation Required)
Hyatt Place Phoenix/Gilbert - Kristy Vargas Contact Person
3275 S. Market Street
Gilbert, Arizona 85297
Monday March 13, 2017
11:00 AM Check-In & Registration For Snappers, Punters & Kickers
12:00 PM - Organizational Meeting (Snappers, Punters & Kickers)
2:00 PM - Coach Meets With NFL & CFL Coaches, Scouts & Personnel Directors
3:00 PM Monday - Testing Begins (Snappers) Punters Needed To Hold
Approximately - 5:00 PM Monday - Punters That Kickoff & Kick Field Goals
Approximately - 6:15 PM - Kickers Who Punt
Tuesday, March 14, 2017
7:45 AM - Coach Meets With NFL & CFL Coaches, Scouts & Personnel Directors
7:45 - 8:30 AM - Warm Up - Snappers To Snap For Punters Testing
8:30 AM - 11:00 AM - Punters Testing Continues Open Field, Directional Right & Left, Inside 20 Punts
11:00 - 12:00 Noon - Lunch
11:15 AM - Kickers Testing Continues
(Sandwiches Still Available For Kickers)
Approximately - 2:30 PM Combine Ends
Monday March 13, 2017
NFL / CFL Coaches, Scouts & Directors of Pro Personnel Meeting 2:45 PM
Tuesday March 14, 2017
NFL / CFL Coaches, Scouts & Directors of Pro Personnel Meeting 7:45 AM
-Rain Date March 15, 2017-

Campo Verde High School -Turf Field-
3870 S. Quartz Street
Gilbert, AZ 85297

COMBINE FEE: $625 until February 28, 2017; $700 on or after March 1, 2017 - fee applies to kicking specialist
participants only. 
is 100% refundable for kicking specialists signing with professional team prior to event-

To avoid a late fee all payments must be received on or before February 28, 2017. All payments received on or after March 1, 2017 will be subject to a $75.00 late payment fee.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (AZA) 


SuperShuttle (Reservation Required)
(800) 258-3826 

-a major credit card and valid driver's license required for hotel check-in-
Hyatt Place Phoenix/Gilbert
3275 S. Market Street 
Gilbert, AZ 85297
Contact Person: Vanessa Nauta or Kristy Vargas (480) 800-5900
Group Rate: $134 - $144 plus taxes (includes hot breakfast buffet)
MUST BOOK on or before February 24, 2017 to receive Coach Zauner's rate
Click to Book Hotel Reservations

Campo Verde High School - Turf Field
3870 S. Quartz Street
Gilbert, AZ 85297 

-Required for kicking specialists who have not been evaluated previously by Coach Zauner-

Sunday, March 12, 2017 
Campo Verde High School
Evaluations Times: Snappers: 8:30 AM / Punters: 9:30 AM / Kickers: 11:00 AM

Hyatt Hotel has a (5) Mile Radius Shuttle - Reservation Required

EVALUATION FEE: $350.00 fee will apply to the $625.00 Free Agent Specialist’s Combine Registration Fee for those who qualify to participant in the Combine.
All participants must register on-line. To avoid a late fee all payments must be received on or before February 28, 2017. All payments received on or after March 1, 2017 will be subject to a $75.00 late payment fee. Accepting check (payable to Coach Zauner, LLC) Visa and MasterCard (Credit Cards Subject to 3% Convenience Fee).

Specialists to bring tennis shoes, one football (initialed), kicking shoes, kick off tee, holder and workout equipment.  

Combine testing will be conducted with NFL Footballs (K Ball). Arizona Kicking Combine to be held at an outdoor facility and will be conducted regardless of weather conditions. Combine schedule subject to change without notice. Specialists will be issued a Coach Zauner Combine shirt.  

Contact: Coach Zauner 612.239.9529 | Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



All Rights Reserved - Coach Zauner, LLC

As they said in the movie Field of Dreams, "If You Build It...They Will Come!"

It was Joe Marciano who asked me at the 2008 NFL Combine Special   Teams Coaches dinner, to build my Field of Dreams; a Free Agent Football   Kicking Combine which assembled elite kicking talent for the National   Football League (NFL), Canadian Football League (CFL) and United   Football League (UFL) Coaches and Pro Personnel to evaluate.

On April 6, 2009 that dream came true when 32 teams and Pro Personnel   came to Phoenix, Arizona to watch 41 kicking specialists showcase their   talent.

Each year I will be hosting the Coach Zauner Free Agent Specialist’s Football Kicking Combine in Phoenix, Arizona.

Over the last few years I believe I gathered a solid group of   Coaches, Pro Personnel and Scouts who represented 26 NFL, 2 CFL and 4   UFL teams. I hope to expand the number of NFL, CFL and UFL teams who   attend the Free Agent Specialist's Football Kicking Combine.

It is my my goal to make sure this event is comprised of the highest   caliber kicking specialists, so only those individuals I had worked   with, evaluated and invited were allowed to compete.

The fact that 17 of the 41 kicking specialists who attended the 2009   Combine were eventually signed to NFL, CFL or UFL contracts during the   2009 season, attests to the quality of the talent who competed.

For those kicking specialists I hadn't previously worked with, there   was a one day 'evaluation' session which I used to qualify individuals   for my Free Agent Specialist’s Football Kicking Combine.


I will be conducting a similar 'evaluation' process each year as   well to ensure the 'quality' of kicking specialists participating meets   -or exceeds- the needs of the teams attending.

Each year I will adjust the date for the Free Agent Specialist’s   Combine to avoid interfering with teams preparing for the NFL's Draft.   Hopefully this will make it easier for the teams to plan their   schedules.

Arizona's weather is great even in late March, so for those who want   to fly in a day or two early, there are some wonderful golf courses in   Phoenix to be enjoyed.

I look forward to seeing you at my Annual Free Agent Specialist’s Football Kicking Combine.

Whether you are a team looking for talent, or talent looking for a team, I'm sure you will find it a very valuable experience.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you might have.

Coach Zauner

  Contact: 612.239.9529

E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Bill Polian, Indianapolis Colts President said, “With regards   to Coach Zauner’s Free Agent Specialists and College Senior Combines   being a ‘clearing house’ for NFL teams’  Coach Zauner has demonstrated   he has a reputation for evaluating and finding kicking specialist talent   of NFL caliber.  His Combines certainly have the potential to discover   or re-discover quality kicking specialist talent that might otherwise go   unnoticed by Professional Football Teams.”

Mike Smith, Head Coach Atlanta Falcons said, “Coach Zauner's   kicking, punting and snapping combine is the best opportunity for   players to be evaluated by NFL personnel. The camp is the largest   gathering of quality kicking specialists of who are either veteran or   rookie free agents. This does not come as a surprise to me. I've known   Coach Zauner for over 28 years, and he is, without question, the best   there is in evaluating and coaching kicking, punting and snapping   talent."

Jim Fassel, Former Head Coach of the N.Y. Giants & Current Head Coach of the Las Vegas UFL Team said, “Recently my UFL staff attended Coach Zauner’s Free Agent   Specialists Combine in Phoenix, Arizona.  Me and my staff have   participated in many free agent Combines throughout the years searching   for football talent and all agreed this was the best run Combine any of   us have attended.  The field of talent was handpicked and of the highest   caliber.  This is 'the' Kicking Combine to attend if you’re a   professional football team or aspiring kicking specialist.” 

Bobby DePaul, Senior Director of Pro Personnel for the Chicago Bears said, "This was the best run Free Agent Combine I have participated in   during my 21 years working as a coach or scout in the NFL. This effort   clearly demonstrated that Coach Zauner has the knowledge needed to run   an efficient Combine and effectively evaluate kicking specialists. I   will be looking forward to an expanded field of kicking specialists next   year."


Joe Marciano, Special Teams Coordinator Houston Texans, "Coach   Zauner has coached in the NFL as a Special Teams Coordinator for 13   years. Coach Zauner knows the standards that NFL Special Teams Coaches   want and need of their kicking specialist's. His Free Agent Combine was   run extremely efficiently for the coaches, Pro Personnel and players. I   believe if you're an NFL Special Teams Coach, Director of Personnel or   kicking specialist, Coach Zauner's Combine is 'the' event to attend.”

Russ Purnell, Special Teams Coordinator Jacksonville Jaguars said, “Gary put together a highly organized, efficient and competitive   NFL Free Agent Specialists camp that featured very realistic skills   tests and top level participants. Coaches and scouts were able to   evaluate punters, kickers and long snappers in a structured   environment.  The weather and facilities were outstanding.  The time   spent was an investment in the future.  It was as good a camp as I have   been to."

Darrin Simmons, Special Teams Coordinator Cincinnati Bengals “I thought Coach Zauner’s Free Agent Specialist Combine was very well   organized and ran efficiently.  As a Special Teams Coach, it is a great   resource to see a lot of players in one location, but also with all   these kicking specialists being there at one time, you also get to see   them in a competitive environment as they compete against not only one   another, and how they perform in front of other Coaches.”

Ray Rychleski, Special Teams Coordinator Indianapolis Colts said, “As a coach I can really appreciate how well and precise the   entire event was run.  Many of the other special teams coaches and   personnel people in the stands who have gone to other combines remarked   that this was the best run free agent camp they had gone to and will be   back again next year. Coming from the college coaching ranks I would   think any college or free agent kicking specialists that wants to get   exposure to the NFL should make Coach Zauner’s combine a must to   attend."


Billy Cundiff, 6 Year NFL Veteran Kicker said, "After being   out of the league for two years Coach Zauner's Free Agent Combine gave   me a chance to showcase my skills in front of a big gathering of NFL   Coaches and Scouts.  The quality of kickers I competed against was   excellent. Because of my performance at the event, the Lions brought me   in for a workout during the preseason and signed me for the last two   games.  After my break in Detroit, other teams had to take notice.  From   there, I was signed by Cleveland and Baltimore teams that also noticed   me at the combine.  It feels great to playing again.  If you’re a   kicking specialist and looking to highlight your talent, Coach Zauner’s   event is the place to be." Signed with Lions, Browns and Ravens.

Scott Player, 13 Year NFL Veteran Punter (Cardinals & Browns) said, “I feel that in only the first year of putting together a special   teams combine, Coach Zauner has already established that his combine is   the major league's of kicking, punting and snapping. There is not   another combine or camp out there that even comes close to this with the   exposure a player can receive from all the various professional   leagues. Coach Zauner is the premier kicking, punting and snapping   authority in the country and that is why he has been able to attract   some of the best players out there who trust him to help them improve   their kicking technique and take their game to the highest level!"   Signed with UFL New York Sentinels.

Shane Andrus, Free Agent Kicker said, "Coach Zauner's free   agent showcase was a great experience. Some of these showcases always   have everyone guessing as to which teams will show up.  I knew with   Coach Zauner’s reputation, that he would bring the coaches out and did. I   thought it was extremely organized, and would recommend it for any   kicker who wants to get looked at by an NFL team." Signed by Colts &   Buccaneers

Eddie Johnson, Idaho State and Vikings draft pick said, Coach   Zauner's camp was organized, efficient, and a great opportunity to   showcase one's ability.  The follow-up with the workout's #s and other   information has been great as well.  Not too long after I was offered a   tryout with the Cleveland Browns as a direct result of being seen at   Coach Z's Free Agent Combine.  I've also been offered an opportunity to   compete for the P/K job for the Toronto Argonauts.  Without the exposure   from Coach Zauner's combine, I have no doubt in my mind, that I'd still   be sitting at home..."waiting" for somebody to call me.  I highly   recommend this combine for any aspiring punter/kicker who's looking to   create a positive "buzz", and get their name out there." Signed by   Toronto Argonauts

Alex Romero, Free Agent Kicker said, “Coach Zauner’s Showcase   was the best that I have attended.  The organization was very   professional.  Everything had a system and everyone was following it.    The quality of competition was unmatched.  It is easier to gauge your   performance when you know that the competition is first class.  Also the   amount of coaches and scouts was amazing.  There were coaches from   every league that were willing to sign the people they liked.  I would   like to thank Coach Zauner for the opportunity to use his showcase as a   platform to show my abilities." Signed by 49ers

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